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Thread: DJ table ideas - asking for your opinion :)

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    DJ table ideas - asking for your opinion :)

    i have an idea for a DJ table, here is my artist impression of it. ( im going for a varnished wooden look - the texture i used in the photo isnt great)

    anyways, does the slanted CD player ruin the look of the table?
    im torn between buiding the CD player into the desk, or maybe just building a small wooden rack to hold the CD player on its own away from the table.. I dont really DJ with CDs, and when i do i dont mix. unlikely to ever really DJ CDs and Vinyl together.

    any feedback?

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    Looks pretty good, I'd add the same proportions on the left hand side to balance the look though if space isn't an issue.

    It also looks quite low? I find a good height is to have the turntables at a level where your forearms are pretty much parallel with the deck when bent at 90 degrees, basically if you are standing upright and bend your arms 90 degrees at the elbow it should be around that level. Check the link its got a good illustration of what I'm describing.


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    Maybe you can angle your mixer and have the dual CD player flat?

    I had a similar vision when I was using the CD dual player with my turntables.

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    thanks guys
    yes, it is very low so i have discovered, i will bring it up higher in the revised design, so that the working surface is about 89 or 90 cm, same as a kitchen sink/countertop basically

    as far as the CD decks go, im considering excluding it from the design now, keeping the table really simple, and getting a 6u wooden 19" rack for the CD decks, with its own 1u rackmount mixer. that way i can keep it nearby ,or move it around freely.

    also i have decided to leave the same space on each side (but keep the desk only 4foot wide), also have the hole for the laptop stand on both sides, so i can change sides whenever i feel like.
    also im looking for metal legs now, instead of having the wood come down to the ground.

    i will post updates when i have them.
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