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Thread: What gear do you regret purchasing the most?

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    Staton Final scratch.

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    When I first starting, I bought a Numark mixer.... FAIL! It started bleeding after the first week of use.
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    MY first sound system, which some guy who played guitar at a used shop put together and sold to me. I don't even remember what brands or types the speakers and amps were, but the tops sounded like a screech owl built a nest in each on and the subs sounds like a bum getting beat to death with cardboard. and the amp for the subs i paid 40 bucks for... so yeah that system was the worst investment ever

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    Mackie D.2 - Just a terrible idea all around. At least the crossfader is good for scratching and the firewire works for recording.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djvix805 View Post
    Anything Behringer, Gemini, Pyle Pro or any of that crap ive owned. It took me a while until I finally went it the right direction.
    amen brotha ha lol

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    My first pair of folded horns..... Buying them almost bankrupped me because I had to buy more more more. At one time I owned 16 of them.

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    my keyboard amp, it was a leem brand or something..only huge but no punch in it.
    too rushed to get some decent monitors due to my Fantom G coming soon.
    luckily managed to sell it off to my aunt, then invest more money on a pair of Yamaha HS80M. should get this one sooner!

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    my Shure 750's - decent headphones but not great, especially since I'm used to the sound/durability of my old RPDJ

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    Behringer BCD-2000 and DJX700. Good thing I got rid of them right away.
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    Behringer DJX-700 mixer, Think was a piece of shit! But i only lost 30 quid in 2 and a half years of owning it.
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