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Thread: Difference Between SL1 and SL2?

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    Difference Between SL1 and SL2?

    I've been researching around the web trying to find the answer but they always compare SL2 and SL3. But I'm looking for Sl1 and SL2 because I plan on buying a used one. I was wondering if anyone can explain the difference whether its sound quality, speed, if its noticable or not ETC. I plan on experimenting on Serato just to see if I would like it instead of Traktor because I'm currently using Traktor Audio 8.
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    the SL2 is a upgraded SL1. the SL1 uses USB1.1 which has proven to have some problems with newer intel chipsets compared to the SL2 which uses USB2.0. the SL2 has better audio converter which allows it to put out 24bit/ 48kHz compared to the SL1 which only does 16bit/ 44.1kHz. the SL2 also uses superior shielding to block electrical interferences in the audio. tech wise the SL2 is a SL3 without the AUX channel.
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