This was my live set opening the drum and bass / jungle room at the 2021 Hydrotechnics Pre-Party on 7/17/21 by M.A.D.E. Productions. Hydrotechnics is a festival in Upstate NY focusing on classic rave music and a fun family atmosphere. I've attended many in the past though I am missing this year due to medical reasons. Check out for more info on the main event if you're into that kind of noise

I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and wanted to find something fun, challenging, and fitting for an opening slot that wouldn't be too energetic. Usually I spin breaks or typically play higher energy dnb stuff when I do. I haven't opened for a minute and it really let me flex my digging for some neat stuff I thought would fit the slot well.

I've been sitting on music for so long now and it has been absolutely stellar getting back out there to share music again First gig back!

I hope you enjoy - this is a fun jungle adventure!