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Thread: Does anyone find it hard to get into artists who are younger than you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    I find it hard to get into most trendy music, especially at the moment. I find most of it awful.

    Makes me wonder if I'm just an old git going on about "the good old days"....
    Or if I'm just not deaf yet.
    Here's a clue

    Every dude and their dog have a laptop out there, and a hacked copy of fruity loops/reason/ableton/cubase/etc. And an internet connection.

    Also, watch this guy, I watch his channel regularly, he has a knack of himself for going right to the point. No ageism involved here at all.


    "why the trashest rappers have the best beats?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    to be fair, your parents were probably more worried that the production capacity of IKEA would never keep up with the size of your collection.
    True that. They were probably relieved when I moved from home and they got 75% of their house back

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    I can't speak on the rap genre too much. The stuff i hear post 2010 makes me turn the channel w/ a quickness. But there are loads of electronic artists I envy. I'm in my 40s but everyone seems to be in their 30s or younger putting out new music, and I find endless stuff to enjoy. Not DJ so and so, but producers. And if you can do both in quality like Bonobo, Jamie XX, etc you definitely have my admiration.
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    Does anyone find it hard to get into artists who are younger than you are?

    EVERY ARTIST is younger than me. If I was not into artists younger than me, I would have had to give up music 40 years ago.😂 I have nothing against young artists. I just donít like RAP. I like beautiful melodies and singers who can carry a tune. I like lyrics that have at least some redeemable qualities. I had to change genres because I could not bring myself play violent poetry loaded with curse words and racial slurs. I switched to playing jazz, country music, modern swing, Latin music, and instrumentals, along with occasional pop. It limited my gigs for sure, but I found a niche in doing benefits, charity fund raisers, and political fund raisers. No... itís not as much fun as doing dances, but it kept me going until the Covid shutdown. Now Iím retired... from everything!😊

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    Wow.... so this is like really a thing? This ruined my day! Have you ever watched the movie Ideocracy? Cause we are here...

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    As my 65th birthday is about to hit in a couple of weeks, just about every artist out there is younger than I am.

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