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Thread: Everything's gone digi! Lost for kit puchaces.

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    Everything's gone digi! Lost for kit puchaces.


    I used to mix on cdj 1000- dynaudio passive monitors and demon 400 style mixer.
    I produced teckno. Using a mix of:*Mackie*HR824
    Mackie*8 channel mixer, TS- 6 1/4 - 6 1/4 (jack 2 jack) into very forgiving (it seems after much research) m-audio delta 44 with the 4 in unblc (break out box) out 4.

    VST - spetrasonics,*Camel Audio, Native I absyth,*Massive*- (didn't like ableton) side chain bass.
    Logic P 5.5.
    Sony Waves.
    Sony Sound Forge.

    I've bought a few things wrong spent 24hrs down a audio tech rabbit hole having learnt kit I've got isn't quite right.
    Going Mad!! ;-)

    just got a new laptop, cdjs and want to sort my tinnitus out having been stuck in Bose qc35. I had some byrd-7000s miss sold by pmt.
    I would go local store but there rockers and sales! LMFO.

    What I've got
    I have a pair of MR524. data:image -

    [URL='https: /url])

    CDJ 1000s ( in storage) - not even began the CD burning yet!

    .Z1 n.I controller - Not got ability to use as line out requires into balaced.*For sale
    Windows 10 phone direct x driver? - Simple ART player + blackout audio valve amp at friends

    !What I'm doing..

    Mixing and gathering my tunes.
    Hard House/Tekno - very tight bass and crisp hi hats.
    [url]https:// links removed

    Hip Hop
    Tribe Called Quest, Dabbla, Dirty Dike, DR Syntax, Red one, Split Prophets
    Congo Natty,*Life*4 Land Jahba, Ragga Twins
    Tribe core /Pumping HardTek Very side chained punchy kicks.
    Floxytek, Bills,*Zone*33, Ben 9mm, Vandal tek mixes.
    Speed freak mix*

    *Amazing! Halloween 2005
    -*Creating mix downs and remixes -
    I'm working on some boom back hiphop style into 4/4 Tekno.


    I need Sound Card USB 2 audio. (Old school alesis or similar) not needing the d.I. just for DAC/AC
    I intend on playing via USB 2 and sometimes my android ;-(

    I've got to burn CDs and work on the*Waves
    If I used fx prev” I remember Sony*Waves, isotope etc

    Which speakers!
    - Speaker decisions (please no KRK, YAMAHA, KALI, JVC 300? )
    Mixer - Analog/Active quite happy with 3 Chanel scratch numark.
    Sub I can not do due to room size.

    -I am bidding on 3 lots of hr824 - even though will need help on setting the sound space.
    Soundcard USB 2 for DAC/AC - not recording in needing DI. I've seen ALESIS

    PRODUCTION - I will use poor mans vocal set ups Naumenan Mikes, Alalog synth Microkorg and hope next year to be on a delta 44 again!
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