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Thread: Wow! Haven't been here in ages

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    Wow! Haven't been here in ages

    I got really bored, mashed this website back in my browser and WHAAAAAT!!! I've been struggling a bit with my music industry passion lately, so I figured I'd stop back in right where it all started I miss this place!

    What's new? Any old names from some years ago make it big anywhere? What are all the new people finding their DJ tips these days?

    If you've been around awhile and happen to recognize my name here's your update since my last visit:

    I started a record label, signed some dudes who all ended up finding some success in music in some regards. Hell one of them went pure ghost production and got his first million play track a few years back, but he fell off the face of the earth shortly after I heard that from him. Another guy owns a promotion company (or maybe it's a label?) in Denver that was doing REALLY well in the major clubs there. Threw a lot of wild sold out events with my own label. Eventually my label ended up falling really flat after Instagram and Facebook did a massive overhaul to their algorithms and the world got waaayyyy oversaturated with small independent labels. Changed my artist name. Started an artist management company, DJ'ed all over the place for random gigs in Miami, Atlanta, LA, etc. Have met too many big name DJ/Producers. Production level is nearing a professional sound, but still have lots of progress to make especially in the mixing department. Lost my job. DJ'ed at a strip club for a while. COVID happened. Went back to my old job since it was COVID proof and I live in Las Vegas now. Since I'm living here, I've been hammering out a lot of music and with things opening back up I'm working back at things full speed!

    If you're old or new, tell me your story! I want to hear some good news in the DJ world. All I've been seeing lately is sad shit and it's depressing.

    P.S. I'm always open for collabs if you're a better than mediocre producer. Not trying to do all the work. Shoot me an email at and we can work on something!
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    Holy crap!

    Good to see you DoomJockey. It sounds like you're doing well and have had a bit of a journey.

    Things have certainly quieted down a bit here, but you'll still see some familiar faces and the odd old name will pop up from time to time.

    You should check out this thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomJockey View Post
    What are all the new people finding their DJ tips these days?
    The youtubes.

    I popped in for the first time in almost a decade not that long ago. Certainly not the same place it was in 05-06 etc, but I did see quite a few names I recognized

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    what happened to the battle forum? that place was on fire 15 years back

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDead View Post
    what happened to the battle forum? that place was on fire 15 years back
    Well, that was 15 years ago and Djing has changed a lot since then.
    It is no longer flavour of the month, a lot of the clubs have closed. The music industry has completely changed.
    Also a lot of the members that were, what, between 18-25 are now pushing 40 - so people's priorities have changed.

    Also you beat everyone with your funky-ass mixes. I still listen to the one you beat me with. Good show, old chap!
    bored, curious, deaf or just bad taste in music?
    finally a mix by me
    and what's this, another shoddy mix...another dull mix

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    Local open format club guy here. Yep... still doing it. Found an outdoor venue for the summer, and it's been really busy since reopening.

    I'm still doing everything wrong running most of the night off master clock, mixing in my own beat loops when needed, transposing tracks to mix, mixing at two minutes or less for the target audience (highly intoxicated women in their 20s) going from reggaeton to cumbia to pop to hip-hop - sometimes in 20 minutes or less

    This is a small club - seats maybe 100 - but when restrictions came off in early July things just exploded and we'd have twice that many in there. It was insane because every club I know is short staffed. The lines to get drinks would sometimes be halfway across the club. One bartender told me she made $1000 in tips that weekend, and no one wants to work? Anyway enough of that...

    The biggest challenge for me is track constipation... over a year and a half of new music that I haven't mixed in a room before to try out on an age group I'm no longer in. I've been doing these types of clubs for 15 year so kinda know what's gonna work, but can often be surprised. If there's anyone left that's doing regular open format clubs, check in! Maybe we can start a thread on what's working in our rooms.

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