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Thread: Are these subs any good?

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    Are these subs any good?

    Hi Everyone

    I am looking to buy some bigger subs. I am wanting to upgrade from 4 x Wharfedale Delta 18B subs to 2 dual 18s with a bit more punch. I do quite a bit of EDM stuff.
    We are fairly limited with options here in South Africa, I would love to buy a pair of JBL SRX 828SPs but with the current exchange rate the cost is a bit excessive.
    I have come across these Celto Acoustique subs that look pretty professional and have some impressive looking specs.
    Do you think the SU218TL or the SU221 would be a decent purchase and if so which would be the better performer?

    Celto Acoustique SU218TL Dual 18"

    Celto Acoustique SU221 Dual 21"

    Thanks a lot!

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    Insufficient data to say. The most important spec is an SPL chart, and there aren't any. However, the dual 18 claims to be a 'rear loaded transmission line', which judging by the data sheet it is not, so I'd be leery of any of their claims.
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    Oh look, they're using RMS watts

    Zero feedback anywhere, and traceability sends me back to Malaysia / Indonesia far away from claimed French designers.

    Facebook activity seems to be flatlined. Youtube activity is none. I would not trust a brand that has no genuine traceability or customer feedback, in this case good or bad...
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    Thanks a lot for the responses. I have sent them an email requesting the SPL charts, not too confident that I'll receive a response.
    I am managed to find some more pics of the SU218TL, the enclosure has a notch out the back, would that lead you to believe that it's a transmission line sub?
    If so, what are the advantages of rear loaded transmission line subs?

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    The notch doesn't mean anything. A 30Hz transmission line is nine feet long, and according to that picture each driver feeds its own line. That box is way too small for one transmission lines to fit inside, let alone two. There are no advantages to transmission line subs, that's why no major manufacturer makes them.
    Bill Fitzmaurice
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