Hi all.
Having recently decided to get into vinyl dj'ing, I’m slowly collecting my equipment. I have a simple, two-channel mixer with phono connections, and last week bought two PreSonus Eris E8 monitors which have 3 types of connection - RCA Unbalanced, TRS and XLR.
Anyway, the seller chucked in some XLR cables, which from my research, is the best connection in terms of preventing external interference. So, the best way to connect... I was thinking about either changing my mixer (which I’d rather keep) to one with two XLR outputs, but it seems to be difficult to find one with a crossfader. The other option is to buy dual phono to XLR cables, but these would appear to be susceptible to interference as they’re unbalanced.
Has anyone else encountered the same problem, or can anyone offer advice on the best way forward? Thanks.