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Thread: Does anyone still use Numark TTX's

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    Does anyone still use Numark TTX's

    I've had mine for 20 years now, and they've worked without issue.
    One thing i've noticed is that the sound quality with DVS is a bit muffled, think I still need to diagnose that as a cartridge issue, maybe Tonearm as well.
    Serato does that thing where it sounds garbled and starts playing backwards. Once i remove the headshell and put it back, starts working fine again. They had a modular design early

    I'm looking to do a tune up and see if the sound can be improved or if its even worth it. (in the bay area if anyone knows a good repair shop)
    Otherwise just checking in to see who still uses these decks.

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    I've been using TTX for probably twenty years or more.
    Aside from changing the needles and carts, I've never had to fix anything.

    If you were switching out tonearms or carts a lot I could see how the contacts might be going bad on you.
    You could try buying a new tonearm (or tonearms) to see if that fixes it.

    If you were only changing the carts a lot, try switching to the extra tonearms that came with your turntables.
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    i burnt one of mt TTXes uo when i moved from US to middle east and forgot to change the voltage fuse settings. Other than that, its been great!

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