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Thread: Hello! I`m Oleg from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I`m so glad to be here

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    Smile Hello! I`m Oleg from Kharkiv, Ukraine. I`m so glad to be here

    Recently I was told that it is better to make introduction post about myself before publishing some reflections. Well, sounds logically.

    I'm Drobot and I'm a DJ and co-founder of Basanta Music – a new born team from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    Big idea inspires*me. The desire to*change approaches, processes, and established things. And our team*will definitely make contribution to*the transformation of*electronic music. I*am*charged by*seeing the burning eyes of "my" people. Most importantly, I*found them. We*look one way and fly one way. I*myself play in*the musical directions Melodic House / Techno, Soul House, perform and exchange vibes with the audience. By the way, you can listen to my live performances on my YouTube [url] link removed/url]

    Also I have my playlist named KMC. For me it’s an*opportunity to*share my inspiration with the world. Some release 40 selections a*year, some even more. However, I*think KMC playlist is*unique, different from others. He*has a*completely different concept.*Several years ago I*was inspired by*my*DJ friends. And I*started my*journey into the world of*electronic music by*creating a*playlist in*Apple Music. I*named it*Kharkiv Music Channel. Even then, I*felt global.

    Music unites. And the KMC is*proof of*this.

    Today there are 240 tracks, which is*almost 26 hours of*music. Tracks that are shared by*my friends, relatives, subscribers or*people I*don’t even know personally. I*can feel the incredible vibe they are creating. Because each track is*someone’s story, some kind of*life situation that resonates in*the soul.*KMC is*like a*ray of*light of*electronic music, the hope that electronic music in*our country will reach the correct status in*terms of*legislation, recognition by*society, recognition and protection of*artists, support from the state. We*fill the KMC with deep meaning and I*am*sure that everyone will find a*part of*themselves in*it. You can listen to it on Apple Music, SoundCloud or Spotify by the link [[url]https://link removed /url]

    So here I am. I will be glad to share my thoughts and find out yours. Tell me please about your favorite bloggs here and what you are searching here for?
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