How areŽu everyone here. IŽm looking for a Electronic Music CD Compilation (about 10 years) that it contained a nice diferent electronic music compilation like, techno trance, industrial and progressive. The list was large but I have only rememberd 5 songs, I catch 4 names of them and the last one only the rhythm on my mind but not name or lyrics eather...

Please some expert or some MUSIC WIZARD could help me from my little list to complete the whole album ?

The Shamen - Progen 91 (I.R.P In The Land Of Oz)
Hallo Spaceboy - David Bowie (Pet Shop Boys - 7'' Remix)
Never - The Roc Project feat. Tina Arena (DJ Tiesto Remix)
Assemblage 23 - Document (Icon Of Coil Remix)

Thanks a lot ...