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Thread: Do I need the same type of needle / cartridge on both decks?

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    Do I need the same type of needle / cartridge on both decks?

    Hi. Iíve recently purchased and set up 2x 1200s. They were purchased from different sellers. One came with Concord Q.Bert. The other with OM10. Is there any issue to run two different setups, or would you recommend a consistent setup on both? If the latter is the Q.Bert the better option? Thanks!

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    Not really an issue in itself, but if you'll have a different freq response, dynamics and sound quality. The Qbert is obviously designed for scratching and handling back queuing, the OM10 is an affordable solution for sound quality... Can't really say what option is best depending if you mix or scratch...

    You might want to have a read in that section:

    And see more discussions around cartridges.
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