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Thread: What is more important... the mixer or the CDJ/controller?

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    What is more important... the mixer or the CDJ/controller?

    Having spent hours (upon hours) listening to mixes and watching sets on youtube (FatboySlim back to back with Carl Cox at the Saatchi a particular fave) and looking at the new equipment (wishfully for the most part) the question hit me... do you invest more in the CDJs or in the Mixer?

    I was always in the CDJ camp with the loop(cutter) hotpoints etc. but seeing what the new/top of the range mixers do now with loops and effects... made me wonder. Curious to get thoughts.

    As reference, I'm still rocking my CDJ500s' and DJM 500 (yeah, probably need to google those!)

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    this is a good example of what u can do with cdjs nowadays:

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    Hmmm, he's using 3 CDJs like an MPC on Ableton, and the last one is just there to play the background music.

    That said it's a pioneer demo (read: advert) from the pioneer youtube channel.

    What is more important... the mixer or the CDJ/controller?

    I'd say gets the basics down before you start looking at a ton of effects. It's nice to have more toys, but that does not mean you're going to use them. The good old ''less is more'' in terms of effects still stands. It's nice to have extra toys but then what do you actually feel what is needed...

    That said I've never been a fan of 'older' Pioneer mixers, because the sound quality is not all that. It's decent, but they sound cold to me.
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