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Thread: ID3 tagging and Beatport Backup

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    Smile ID3 tagging and Beatport Backup

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and exposure to this Forum site so 'Hello' and I hope the tunes are still flowing strong where ever you all are!!

    I have a couple of annoying little things to resolve. I hope they are simple fixes!

    I upgraded Beatport to Version 2.4.6 (196) and now it doesn't have the option to 'Sync with Beatport' database, therefore populating most of the ID3 tags such as BPM and key, etc. with some music I've acquired recently. I'm aiming to re-install the software to resolve this issue. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Following on my above SOS, I can't remember how to save my playlist arrangments as a .xml file. I've done this back in 2018 as per my last backup. I recall having to create the .xml through itunes for reasons that are lost from me now.

    Can anyone please help?


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    For ID3 tagging alternative, you could try mp3 tag. It uses all the main tag databases like MusicBrainz, FreeDB, etc. But it can also use Discogs as a tag source (which is great if you're trying to tag obscure, rare music or vinyl rips).

    I don't know what you'd use for BPM or key data. Personally, I use mixed in key for that type of analysis, but the key detection isn't that great. I'm not sure if there are any free alternatives these days to MIK, you could try Rapid Evolution but it's not been updated in years.

    A .xml file can be generated using most decent media players. You don't need Itunes to create xml files. My tool of choice for this would be Foobar2000. To create an xml file in foobar just drag whatever tracks you want to use into the main window, put them in some sort of order, select them all, then it go to File>Save Playlist. You'll then have the option to save your file as an XML or another playlist type.

    Hope that helps
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