Hi everyone,

Hope you're safe and apologies in advance if this topic has been covered but I could not find any directly related posts.

I recently bought a pair of Pioneer DM-40s to connect to my Behringer DJX750 mixer and CDJs for a small room setting. Everything is, seemingly, correctly wired with RCA cables running from the mixer's main output to the RCA inputs on the master speaker on the DM-40s. The connecting RCAs between the master and slave speaker are also firmly in place.

Now, as soon as I play any music above very quiet, the speakers distort beyond use. The individual channel outputs are well below red (0db or less) and the master volume is so low that it doesn't show up on the meter. Moreover, the physical volume controls on the DM-40s are set to half or less. The DM-40s have an RMS of 42W. I had been using my Adam T5Vs prior to this and there were absolutely no problems so a faulty mixer can't be the issue.

Could anyone suggest a solution to this and/or point me to some resources to understand why this is occurring?

Appreciate any help, many thanks in advance.