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Thread: Tracks that give you fits

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    Tracks that give you fits

    I just finished recording a mix that had a few transitions that were really tough to work out (unsurprisingly one involved a John Tejada track, as he has quite a few tracks that have given me trouble) and I was just curious if there are any tracks that you folks have had a particularly difficult time trying to transition in and out of?

    I'm strictly a home DJ but I do record my mixes so I can listen to my favorite tracks in a proper mix. It's been a lot fun figuring it all out and although it can be frustrating, one of the most fun things about it is getting a uncooperative track to fit. Would be interested in hearing what other folks have struggled with.
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    There are just some tracks that no matter how hard you try just don't seem to want to gel together, they initially seem like they should but when you start playing around with them it becomes clear that they will not gel well., it's frustrating but I just move onto another track that will work well as there's plenty more mixes you can pull out the bag, but I know your pain.

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