I'm torn between this speakers, and yes i have both size, 12" and 15" but my question is are this 12" speakers that loud? Seems everyone has a 12" model now days.
I know the whole idea is to go small without loosing in sound but are they that effective? I'm trying for now to get away with buying a Sub (For Now) so I was thinking about getting a 15" speaker (Imagine is more booming) instead hence the 15" DX15mkII.
I wish there was a QSC k15.2 this will have being a lot easier to decide, I think even thou I'm a huge fan of Yamaha products, besides Yamaha offers 7 year warrantee instead of QSC 6 years.
I'm leaning tours the QSC because they are on sale and you also get the speaker cover for free. Another thing I'm a bit confused as the QSC show be have 2000 amplification vs the 1100 amplification from Yamaha yet Yamaha shows having
a Maximum Peak SPL: 134 dB SPL for both their 12" and 15" DXR MKII speakers vs QSC 132 SPL on their K12.2 speaker.
I will appreciate you guys info or any additional information you guys have since I'm playing on buying a set of speakers on the next two weeks, God willing!!
Thanks in advance, God Bless!!