New member here, just probing to see if anyone has experienced a similar problem or can suggest any solutions as I'm at my wit's end here.

I bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro FX at the start of the month as my first controller. Absolutely loved the product and have been on it every day, really ignited my passion for DJing and I simply can't stop thinking about mixing.

However a few days ago when I went to plug the controller into my laptop there was no response. The lights did not turn on like they always have done before, and I get a message on my Macbook Pro saying: 'USB Accessories Disabled, Unplug the accessory using too much power to re-enable USB devices.

To try and troubleshoot the problem, I followed every possible suggestion to rectify this, including purchasing a new USB cable, using both USB ports, updating to Mac OS Mojave (a supported operating system) and resetting SMC.

I have also tried plugging the controller into a mains USB adaptor and into a different laptop with no response from the controller.

The device is not recognised in my Audio Midi Setup or by a Midi Monitor.

I have ordered a bus-powered USB 2.0 mini hub which arrives tomorrow but I honestly am doubtful this will work.

Just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem before, and if there are any solutions I may be missing? I have contacted Numark regarding the error so if worst comes to worst I guess it will be a return and exchange, but I will be absolutely devastated as I've never been so passionate about something in my life before and it's really helped me get through lockdown.

Thanks in advance