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Thread: HELP! Headphones not working: Serato/Numark/Windows

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    HELP! Headphones not working: Serato/Numark/Windows


    I have a Numark Party Mix controller which I use with Serato DJ Pro on a Windows 10 Alienware laptop.

    Iím struggling to get sound to come through the headphones when mixing. I have read somewhere about changing the sound cards or something, however, I have no knowledge on this and canít find any help anywhere.

    I have tried changing stuff on control panel / properties for the Party Mix controller but still nothing.

    Itís frustrating trying to beat match perfectly without headphones sometimes! Please can anyone give me any direction on how to get headphones working?


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    within serato have you put the settings to use the Party Mix as the soundcard for master and cueing?
    does it work OK with serato DJ lite? Did you buy the upgrade?
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    I would recommend testing out the controller's outputs with Audacity. If it doesn't work, there's an problem with the controller. If it works, then it's a configuration problem within Serato DJ Pro.
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