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Thread: Pulsing a Chauvet Geyser P7

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    Pulsing a Chauvet Geyser P7

    I just received two Geyser P7's that I plan to control via DMX in a computer-controller light show.

    Looks like the "normal" flow rate that you can get out of them is about a 7 to 8 second pulse followed by a 30 second reheat period. And it appears you can run it at that pace until the fluid runs out. I assume the way they work is some sort of pump pumps the fog fluid onto a heat plate, which warms it up, and if you pulse it, it opens a solenoid to let the compressed fog out.

    I was wondering what are my options for other interesting effects. I assume I can't just PWM it at a 50% duty cycle...

    However, can I do anything like this (without breaking the pump/solenoid)?

    a) 8x 1 second on, 1 second off pulses instead of 1x 8 second pulse, followed by a 30 second cooldown?
    b) A burst of ~0.25 pulses at a 128bmp beat rate? (Or at 64 for every second beat, or 32 for every 4th etc.).
    c) A continuous rate of 1-second pulses every 4 seconds (without a cooldown in between).

    Or do I need to stay more conservative with these and stay with the standard long pulse with a long re-heat?

    The long pulse/flame effect is the primary reason I got them - and they look pretty great at it. But just wondering what else I can do with them.
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