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Thread: Hello I'm Symone!

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    Hello I'm Symone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Symone, I decided that my DJ name will be DJ Syren and I have been teaching myself how to DJ for the past few months. In short, I am a 21 year old triplet from Northern California and moved to the East Coast in 2017 to live on my own. My friends have always encouraged me to DJ ever since we were young, and even though I loved music and making playlists for parties; I never really saw myself as one until my sister really talked to me about it. Now that I have the time to work on it, I love it! And I hope to learn more and get better as time goes on. I'm not really sure how things will work out with me wanting to be a DJ and COVID going on, but for right now I just enjoy creating mixes for myself and friends to listen to. I did just upload my first one ever, if anyone would like to listen/support/critique please let me know! It's a hip hop mix!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did! I'm excited to be apart of this community.
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    Welcome to DJF, DJ Syren! Be sure to check out the beginner's section and the stickies. We look forward to hearing about your journey
    Visit DJF's Beginner's MEGA thread and drop by my Facebook Fan Page.

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    Hi Simone and welcome here!

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