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Thread: First gig on 2020

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    First gig on 2020

    I did my first gig on the year on July 4th.

    We installed 800+ feet of string lighting, three chandeliers and nearly a 1000' of 5' wide gossamer fabric.

    Last week my county experienced as EF2 tornado who's path was 17 miles long and came within one and a half miles of my house.

    The third picture is the same venue as the first two.



    Buzzard venue.jpg
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    It looks terrible how everything can turn over after a little time...

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    Jeeez, those light structures didn't stand a chance.

    I'm sure you guys will rebuild, then have a conversation of "do you remember when..."

    I went digging the news, that tornado did quite a bit of damage:

    I hope the 7 people injured are recovering, I can't even begin to imagine going through something like this.
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    The tornado cut a 17 mile long path through the county. I came within a mile of my house.
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