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Thread: EV EKX 15P v YAMAHA DX15 v JBL PRX815W. Which one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by conanski View Post
    Most definitely yes.
    Thank you for the advice.

    Dealer tried to upsell the ETX12s and told me how much of the monster those speakers were. Told em what my budget was and they recommended to take out finance. Stuck to my guns and went with the EKX 12s.

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    I have used most of these newer EV boxes including some from ETX line. They are a step up in output but they are more than a step up in cost so IMO the EKX line is the sweet spot in the lineup.. most bang for your buck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjatzuu View Post
    Thank you for the advice.
    Congrats to you for following the great advice you got in this thread, and avoiding the newbie DJ's nemesis - the 15" two way loudspeaker. Plus, every time you put your 12's in the air, your back will thank you!

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