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Thread: Hanging mirror ball from ADJ Pro Event I Beam

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    Hanging mirror ball from ADJ Pro Event I Beam

    Hey y'all,

    I just ordered and received the ADJ Pro event table 2 and ibeam. The height of the I beam is only around 7 feet and is designed to go at the rear of the table, right over the DJs head.

    I am wanting to use my mirror ball but not sure how to do it?

    The I beam is 35mm aluminum. Does any know of an extension arm with support that could be used to mount the mirror ball out over the front of the table a bit?

    Attached a pic of the setup for reference.

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    You could bolt together two of these 35mm O Clamps and 90 degrees. Then attach a tube of what ever length you want to which you mount your mirror ball motor at the end.

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    Use a fishing rod?

    Tbh I wouldn't put any additional extensions/fixtures to a truss without extending it from below with vertical support.

    EDIT : there are wall-mount mirror ball effect lights, ie. cut in half with the motor inside it (I have one without the motor, got it as a trophy from a pub renovation) which would make it easier though.. gravity is your enemy here but if you insist on using a mirror ball you'd need a suitable extension arm with clamps like Bill said and add counterweights in the legs on the other side to play it safe, but don't take my word on these lighting things. Some mobile fixtures and permanent installs require the use of safety cables, they don't protect equipment but lives (I never used them though while rigging, or installing equipment where I once almost dropped a light).. iirc at school we had those tree-type lighting stands which were sort of flimsy-looking but if properly rigged (ie. in balance, within weight limits) I don't recall or remember hearing that they ever fell, you could look into something similar. If you want to make it safe you'd simply extend the truss to form a square/rectangle (viewed from above) but it costs and takes more space, also it may kill some of the excitement in the front row because there's truss legs and beam as well as a mirror ball hanging at <7ft in the audience (tripods or 3/4-point truss legs, the ones I've seen use slabs not much larger footprint than the truss beam) and you'd need to lift the fixture higher to conceal it which makes it unstable with smaller widths so you need to proportionally increase the area (and add support in the middle as the beam length increases, the 2-point truss I had was like 8-10ft which was the max. length and I never loaded it from the middle, apart from sometimes trying to do a pull-up or two from it)

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