I've come across a rane empath rotary. It's in questionable shape, the knobs are poorly matched. I also was kind of surpirsed by the pots used in for the channel pots. They are ALPS RK27's, but had knurled knobs. It's questionable whether these are genuine ALPS pots, it is said that ALPS never made a knurled version of the RKS27, google that shit. Anyway, I'm swapping the channel pots for something of higher quality.

What's got me kind of bugging though are the EQ pots. The actual EQ pots sit on board that is in just about middle of the chassis. The pots are short, and use these plastic shaft extensions. I found the EQ's to be loose, too much play as I rotate a knob. My thinking was that the actual pot was just worn, it happens over time. But I'm not so sure, as I've taken the thing apart and have it down to pcb that has the eq pots on it, and they feel alright. I think it's because of the extension, they are plastic, maybe they have just worn out over time?? Can anyone with an empath chime in regarding loose feel of EQ pots?

The factory pots used are expensive at $12 a piece, and I'm not sure that it will completely address my concern. One thing I was considering is buying pots that mount to underside of top panel, and run wires to EQ PCB.

My go to mixer currently is a Xone:32, which I really like feel of the EQ's. The Rane EQ's to me feel rough and loose in comparison.