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Thread: Found 2 Technics1200 Mk2 in the Trasher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stomp View Post
    These are obviously repainted.
    wouldn't be surprised if it was some pressed steel knock-offs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    I'd either repaint it or give it a good clean and show off the battle-scars.
    Actually, going for the rat or nuclear look could be an option.
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    I would just get some mothers mag wheel polish, and polish the crap out of those dots to bring those platters back to life. Then I would just buy a couple of metal covers that covers up the whole metal aluminum top until you decide to get them powder coated, but that one piece metal cover is good enough, and they will look like new. The start/stop button you can get on eBay. The 45 button just probably need to be cleaned. Nice find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    Actually, going for the rat or nuclear look could be an option.
    Hmmm... a nuclear rod sounds a lot cooler than a rat rod.

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    It's amazing that thing is street legal since the blower is blocking about 60% of his view.
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