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Thread: Death of Straight-Mixing

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    Depends on what I'm mixing for. Mixing to go to cd for listening I mostly do a lot of Intro/outtro basic mixing. Smooth as I can. Flow.
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    I can see how straight mixing some tracks will be perfectly fine but to really get a smooth transition, in my experience, you will have to adjust, at the very least, the bass of the two tracks so they don't clash. But I suppose it depends on the genre of music being mixed to some extent and even the structure of the tracks.

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    Nothing like twisting some knobs! It allows you to mentally masturbate that you're doing something important. Practice enough and you can go really fast, barely touching the mixer like it's on fire!

    Or you can just move the fader across and get on with the party.
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    I prefer straight mixing. I'll sometimes adjust the Low EQ to avoid phasing and clipping. I can't stand it when Djs don't let a track breathe, or are triggering EFX every chance they get.
    It comes off as very "Hey look what I can do" just my opinion.
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