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Thread: TRAKTOR S2 MK2: still worth?

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    TRAKTOR S2 MK2: still worth?

    I'm a beginner. I'm quite decided, I like Traktor.
    Question is : is MK2 going to work with new Mac Osx for a long , or is it destined to have compatibility problems in the next 1/2 years?


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    Welcome to DJF, ranieribd. Did you mean OSX or iOS? Since OSX (and Windows) will likely be operational for years, you must mean iOS (Apple mobile devices).

    Traktor S2 MK2 works with iOS devices. Rumor has it that the new Mk3 versions of the S2 and S4 will also work with iOS devices.

    How long will they work with iOS? No one knows. I'd say as long as the iPhone and iPad remain popular.
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