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Thread: Looking for a couple of moderators for DJF

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    I've been here every day since joining (even though I don't always post), but that was only a few months ago, so I don't expect that I meet your criteria. However, if you're still looking for mods in a year or so please consider my application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windows 95 View Post
    Although this is a really small forum (332 active members) without very many posts per day.
    I can tell you it's usually pretty time consuming to be a moderator.
    I've only been a mod for about a week now, and so far it's not as time consuming as I originally thought either. I log in, check my sections and if all is well, carry on. I have yet to perform any actual mod duties like give an infraction / warning, delete post ect. - one of the senior mods usually beat me to it - so I cant comment on that yet. Overall though, so far so good.

    Oil, mud and jello forum? I don't think I want to know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Spit View Post
    Oil, mud and jello forum? I don't think I want to know
    I Googled it and the Site and the forum no longer exist.
    It was similar to Girls Gone Wild except there wasn't any nudity.
    The women in the videos owned the site.
    With the money from the site, they financed a shelter for abused and neglected women.
    But the number of US Supreme Court judges was always 6.
    Then it was 5, then 6, then 7, then 9, then 10, then 7, and then 9.

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    Congrats, DJ Bobcat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BDC View Post
    Congrats, DJ Bobcat.
    Thank you so much.😊

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