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Thread: Created a new technique you would like to share? I would love to hear it!

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    Created a new technique you would like to share? I would love to hear it!


    I’m really into turntablism and would like to learn some new DJ techniques, as I know pretty much all of the boring basics as well as many ( definitely not all ) of the advanced techniques too, so if you have invented your own technique or more can you let me know please, I would really like to learn your techniques. Have you created maybe a new take on a flare, a chirp, a crab scratch, etc.?

    Question 1) What do you call your new technique?

    Question 2) And how does one recreate your formula ? ( How can I reproduce what you have created with my mixer and turntables? Does one need specific turntables or a specific mixer for your technique? Is additional DJ equipment or other electronic music instruments needed for your technique?

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    - If not maybe people can mention their favorite DJ techniques and why you like it so much. Also do you incorporate it into your act ?
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    You need an effect, that kind of creates a loop. Serato has many of those. Like UFO or Noise Pulse.
    Noise Pulse creates a little Pulse. Depending on fx level it becomes deeper or higher and it ups the frequency with higher level. When I want to up the tempo in a techno set, I use the highpass filter. start turning the fx knob slightly and it creates this deep wubbering.
    I up the frequency and slightly up the high pass.
    Now I adjust the amount of beats the effect takes to double the amount it was before, so becomes 12.34.
    the dots are the time the pulse takes.
    As I do that, I start to slightly up the tempo and start bringing the bass back. This creates momentum. But also the feeling of the mix slowing down. Even though I am actually upping the tempo.
    I continue doing that, until the bridge ends.
    This process takes like 16 bars or something. People always go mad, when I do.

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    i play since about 2005, vinyl only, i do many techniques but i created them all myselfs, as a hugh dave clarke fan i tried to copie some of his stuff into mine, and i thing i created some cool new stuff you dont hear these days

    for example: i use the pioneer djm 600s, if you use the transform effect (for example 1/4): if you can cut fast with the channel- or crossfader(s) or line/phone knot (advised) during the transform effect, you will experience a very fast intermittent and rhythmic sound if you do it right, you need to practice it a lot. i can show it on video if you like, but i suppose, i can not put videolinks and stuff in here.

    greetz massie

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