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Thread: Rane MP2015 For Sale (Made in the USA) $2200

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    Rane MP2015 For Sale (Made in the USA) $2200

    I am selling my Rane MP2015. This is the original version, not made in the China. The price also includes Serato Club Kit (sells for $169).

    I will post or send photos for those who are serious. This has never left my home. I retired from DJing right before I purchased this mixer.

    I have the side wood panels as well. Willing to ship and split cost.

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    Damn Lou!!! waited to long to sell this...I already picked one up....if you can't sell it here,.place it on Ebay or Reverb,.I'm more than certain,that this will sell...Good Luck buddy!

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    Thank you brother. I am still in conflict wether I should or not. I might regret it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VJ LouNYC View Post
    Thank you brother. I am still in conflict wether I should or not. I might regret it.
    Unless you absolutely have to sell for whatever reason, I would definitely strongly consider holding on to an original USA-made/pre-China MP-2015. They will likely only rise in value considering what they are and how rare they are, especially if either new-in-box or mint. $0.02 and some pocket lint.

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    I actually kept it. Didn't have the heart to sell it.

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    Good for you. That's a keeper.

    Urei and Bozak rotary mixers are highly sought after. Don't know much about Condesa Electronics rotary - but they all look saweet!
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    Aren’t they already worth more than this?
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    I've seen them sell in Europe for 2300 Euros. I think $2300 is the most I have them for here in U.S.

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    So I have decided sell this mixer after all. Going in a different direction. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    *Original MP2015, made in the United States.

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