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    Yeah this confuses me too. QSC hit a home run with the KW181, the live sound guys still love it because it seems to be perfectly suited to generating loud kick drum, it's easy to move with the wheels and not least of all it has been all but bullet proof. Many of the super high powered subs recently released seem to struggle with all that power, the EV ETX18 has developed a bit of a reputation for thermal issues if driven hard, and although I have not seen any shutdowns the high powered Yorkville subs I have used also get into thermal stress after a couple hours of DJ use and if you bother to keep an eye on it the limiters seem to activate pretty easily. QSC is an amplifier company first and foremost so while I would be skeptical about a 3600w power rating form some other manufacturers I'd be willing to believe it if this box delivered something extra over the KW181, but it doesn't. There are some drivers out there now that can handle this kind of power, BassBoss and Danley use them and their boxes do offer lots more lowend extension and/or SPL than the regular big brand name boxes so that power is getting used there but somehow it looks like QSC totally redesigned this box only to end up with the same results.
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