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Thread: Advice on choosing the right size DJ Monitor Speakers and what model's to choose.

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    Advice on choosing the right size DJ Monitor Speakers and what model's to choose.

    Hi I have just moved house and my DJ room is quite small as you can see from the photo. I am in need of a set of DJ Monitors (coloured) that would be ideal for my room size and also advice on what manufacture and model that you wold recommend would be appreciated.

    My debate is do I go for a bigger set of monitors like 6" + without the need of a sub, or do I go for smaller monitors and add a sub unit to them to add some of that low frequency.. The monitors will be placed infant of a wall so having monitors with a front facing port would be ideal.

    I have attached a photo of the room , I'm afraid I've not got exact measurements of yet but you can get an idea of size by the photo,

    One last thing the room will be sound treated at a later date, cheers.
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    6" is small but you don't need deep sub bass to mix, it actually makes it harder, it's the sharp transients in the high end and the punch to the kick that enable you to sync more accurately, not the low frequencies (although a new starter would think otherwise). Don't worry too much about brands, just buy what ever's a good deal out of the choices available, industry trusted. It seems the worst thing to say but, buy the ones you like the look of. They will all sound slightly different, non are truly neutral. Many people recommend you listen to them first but that's tosh, the room does more damage to the sound of the speaker than the difference between them. You'd have to listen to them in your room first, not the store.

    Another thing to consider, if you're going for a cheap set, a lot of cheaper monitors are no more than powered bookshelf speakers banded as monitors. You could get something equally as good, a lot cheaper.

    I have Eve 305's and Dynaudio BM5's but that's for music production, overkill for DJ use.

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    What's your budget?

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