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Thread: Small Questions Thread!

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    I have some question too.I need program or website to make some oldschool techno tracks but not special one but something for absolutely retards.I dont have nerves to learn in Ableton,Traktor,FL Studio etc.(I tried) because Im dumb.I just wanna mix some beats and kicks and more what other talented people made before me.I found splice com but beats are good just for trap and pop there in my opinion and I cant upload any more tones.But need something like this so I hope you help me to make some tracks just for fun.
    ReBirth RB-338.. it emulates 2 TB-303's, a TR-808 and a TR-909. I used to play around with it over 10 years ago, fun for hours.. if I remember correctly it has somewhat limited recording/sequencing capabilities.

    I downloaded it a few years ago when it was made free but had some trouble getting the disk image to work on Vista.

    Reason is very similar but more advanced and complex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    Do records get damaged if you touch them?
    Yeeeesssss a little bit.

    Do records get damaged if you play them?
    You are scraping a diamond onto them, so yes. Lets not even talk about scratching that needle back and forth!

    If you were a mad audiophile who loves the sound of vinyl, then you probably never touch the record without wearing special gloves and clean each record with a 10000 machine before you play it.

    But DJs are generally not that type of person.

    You probably realise that vinyl is not perfect sounding and degardes over time anyway. So there is no need to worry about touching it for scratching. Unless the record is a super rare test-press of the Beatles first recording session...

    Also you talking about wearing out Traktor timecode records. These records are meant to be worn out and are relavively cheap. That is why you can buy replacement copies.

    As for the needle, take a look at it under a magnifying glass. If it looks worn out, it generally is. Also you will notice the record skips a lot more when it is worn out.

    There are no hard and fast rules. Vinyl is vinyl. Its a pretty rubbish medium that has been around for over 100 years. Use it, play it, enjoy it, and don't suffer anxiety over it.
    Couldn't agree more.

    As a working dj who solely used vinyl for the first 15 years of my trade, and was still playing some for a further 5 years, vinyl is a tool of the trade - it's going to get a bit worn.

    Knowing this, I used to buy two copies of anything I might play a LOT, just in case!

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