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Thread: Copyright Information Thread - Know the Laws

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    I read from page 1, GREAT STICKY!

    This stuff directly impacts me in music production.
    I think in my case rather than sample a rap vocal or old school movie line I'd be better off using a mic in the studio and recording my own "version" of the sample. That way it's not an actual copy, and is sonically different. If it's too close to the original I could always adjust the pitch or add effects to change it up.
    There's a way around it, you just have to be creative is all... Who knows, maybe I could come up with a better sample by trying to emulate the essence of an original.
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    I should add a RCA ruling on streaming personal mp3
    The following is a message I have seen on a Google Search for BMI. I hope it is of use and will help anyone with concerns I provide a link to its souce from the second life community:


    Miss [removed]
    Yes, it is legal to convert the audio format of legally purchased copyrighted material and playback for your personal use. No, it is not legal to resell copyrighted material without a license to do so. That is, it is only legal to redistribute and resell copyrighted material if either you are the copyright holder or you have obtained a license from the copyright holder to do so. Many free licenses like the GNU Public License, Creative Commons Licenses, BSD license, and so on do expressly convey the right to redistribute and resell copyrighted material.


    Actually you do not require any licensing to stream music in SL, according to a BMI representative to whom I personally asked this question speceifcaly about SL. BMI (Broadcast Music Inc,) as you know collects licensing fees on behalf of music performers. I have shared this email on these forums before but here it goes again.

    In response to your inquiry below, the licensing obligation falls on the website from which music is made available. Therefore, if the music is appearing somewhere other than your own website, you are not responsible for securing a Public Performance license for that use.



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    Quote Originally Posted by AstrixtheGoul View Post
    (copy pasted copyright stuff)
    Hi, I edited your post in compliance with house rules.

    You post is partly wrong. In some countries, you are not allowed to make copies.

    Therefore the advice contained above may not apply to some countries.

    The broadcaster is responsible for licencing issues and/or paying applicable taxes for broadcasting rights.

    Many free licenses like the GNU Public License, Creative Commons Licenses, BSD license, and so on do expressly convey the right to redistribute and resell copyrighted material.
    That's wrong, you cannot resell CC material, at least not without the consent from the copyright holder. In any case, you have to specify the original CC licence wherever it gets published. I should know, I have recently battled (and won) against Mixcloud to uphold my CC rights and therefore right to broadcast.

    I would suggest in the future that you do not simply copy/paste stuff without thoroughly checking the in and outs of what copyright is about. Thank you.
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    Hello guys, What are the rules when performing live your edit of a popular song. Do you still need permission to upload on Youtube or other platforms? Not for sale obviously.

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