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Thread: Post pics of your Production Setup!!!

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    My studio

    I have two recording rigs at this point

    First is
    Tascam M-600
    Sidecar/Patch bays
    (2) Digidesign 888/24 interface
    (2) Glyph Drives
    Mac Pro running ProTools TDM
    16x4 50" wire snake
    Dual monitor
    too many different mics to list

    My Second rig
    M-Box Mini
    NI Maschine
    Novation 49SL MK11
    Ableton Live

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    Feb 2012
    Here's the old area. Currently building a new desk and work area for all my equipment and keyboards.

    List of equipment in the photo:
    Cakewalk VS-700 Console
    Cakewalk VS-100 Console
    Cakewalk VS-700R Audio Interface
    KRK Rokit 8 Gen 1

    In the process of building a completely new work area complete with vocal booth. In the process of moving at the moment.
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    not many dual monitor setup's thus far, ill post mine when I can, currently at work with my maschine hooked into my laptop and my laptop is hooked into the work monitor leaving me with the dual monitor capability.

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    I use to use dual monitors but I no longer need to with the X-Ray feature in Sonar.

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    Denver, CO
    I was contemplating adding a second monitor, but until ableton adds it it didnt seem worth it just to be able to throw vst instances on another monitor. Perhaps with live9 or the wig

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    columbus, OH
    23 inch monitor
    Sony mdr-7506 headphones
    $20 behringer uca thingy for my soundcard

    That's about it... Had a voyager but had to sell it

    Next step I'm buying an mbox pro ^_^

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    Peterhead, Scotland
    This is the latest picture i have, but it has changed quite a bit since then.. Will post more tonight.

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    • Early 2011 13" MBP
      • Lion
      • Logic Express 9
      • Maschine 1.7
        • Vintage Heat
        • Transistor Punch
        • Dark Pressure
      • Soft Synths (I'm not happy with them in general)
        • Synapse Dune
    • M-Audio Keystation 49e
    • KRK RP5 Gen 1 (2)
    • Focusrite 2i2 (temporary)
    • Logitech Trackman Wheel
    • Apple Wired Keyboard
    • Not Shown
      • Stack of FW hard drives totaling ~1.5 TB
      • 64GB USB 2.0 SSD work hard drive.
      • A pretty ridiculous USB hub

    I miss the Pro Tools 10 Demo.

    I'm going to buy a hardware synth or two at some point. I'd love a Minitaur and something else for leads/pads…right now, a Nord Rack 2 is leading the bunch, though I'll probably change my mind a hundred times before I buy one. I'd love a Virus TI2. And if I somehow start making money from music, there will be a Minimoog Voyager in my future.

    I also could use a keyboard that doesn't suck, but I'll wait until I start taking piano lessons for that.

    DJ setup is on a different wall, here.
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    Skanner is sick. I have been wanting to play around more with it. I just replaced an almost entire Maschine kit with Skanner samples and it sounds cool as shit. I am Itching to have time to do a whole song using it.

    I am here:,-73.438618
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