View Full Version : Identifying a 90's dance track by it's bassline

02-28-2021, 04:24 AM
In about the mid 1990's by about 1996 there was a dance track that can be identified by it's sole feature: it's thumping bassline.

I am trying to identify the track and the artist. I cannot do this on text or photos I have to upload a sound sample.

I have reproduced the bassline on bass. It's very distinctive and if you know the track, the bassline will instantly hit you and you will know it.

I am trying to upload the bassline, using the file attachments. I have tried to upload in MP3, MP4 and WAV and WMA formats but every time I use the Manage Attachments button and attempt to choose file and upload I get a message "INVALID FILE".

It seems that file attachments are only able to be uploaded as photos. I want to upload a sound sample. Is there any way to do this?

02-28-2021, 04:34 AM
I have tried up upload it as a .ZIP but it is restricting me on size the minimum size for the sample is 341 KB and the site limit is about one third of that so I cannot upload it

02-28-2021, 04:59 PM
You can try

Youtube - SoundCloud - third party file sharing or music hosting websites are available...