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Thread: People who expect you to "hook" them up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazerick View Post
    I flat out stop doing gigs for friends - I'll give that some CD's/mix mp3's and that is it
    Ive done the same thing for small parties. Just load an Ipod and they rent a speaker. Done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sween View Post
    Virtual DJ has a remote control app for the iPhone... I'd look in to using that if you run VDJ...
    I have serato. Would be nice if there was an app for that lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djmike209 View Post
    Its the name of the game. I had a "friend of a friend" tell me. "How dare I charge so much people are trying to pay bills!" I told them "I know, The house I live in doesnt get paid on my good looks alone. I dont go to your job and tell you how much a whopper should cost"
    I'd say a dollar is pretty fair for a whopper yo..... D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by deejayjsin View Post
    I've been thinking of having this sticker made and putting next to the "NO REQUESTS" sticker on my laptop...
    WANT! If you have it printed, "hook me up." (I'll pay for it.)

    And as for the gig question, I do a lot of word-of-mouth gigs right now, so there's a lot of "friend-of-a-friend" things going on. I give them my best price, but they're still going to pay for it.
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    My best friend is getting married in October. Most folks assumed I would DJ her wedding for free. She and I actually did not even give it a thought - she didn't ask, and I didn't offer.

    I went to my best DJ friend who I know will do a most excellent job and I hired him to DJ wedding, and I'm paying for it as my wedding present to her. Now I can be in the wedding, get wild n crazy, and she gets to have an awesome DJ for her wedding.

    I do feel sort of bad though... when I texted him and asked him for pricing, he gave me regular pricing, then he asked what for/etc, and I told him, he dropped the price real quick. I told him I wasn't looking for a discount - I knew he had bills to pay just like everyone else - I just wanted him cuz I knew he would be the best DJ for the job. He wouldn't respond - just kept repeating the lower price waiting for me to say yes lmao. So I did. I may be low-key in love with him now. <3 lmao
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    I don't advertise a base price or package prices or anything, so each time I quote someone, it is specific to their event. As people have said, sometimes a discount is suitable to be given, sometimes not. For those that I don't know well enough to lower my price - if it seems like they are itching for a discount, or if I think it would be beneficial to look as though they are receiving one, I will usually include it - however, my price will have been stacked to accomodate said discount. I'm not ripping them off - at the end of the day I am still getting the same amount of money. But sometimes people like to think they are getting discounts.

    It's the placebo effect!

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    This thread has so much truth!
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    Here's how my last conversation went with my ex-sister and law......A week before her "pre-prom" event, she text, (not call) TEXT!__

    (her) Remember back in December I said I was going to do something for my daughters prom?

    (me) yes.

    (her) well, next week I'm renting a clubhouse at my condo and I'm inviting a lot of her friends and I was wondering could you DJ this event for 4 hours.

    (me), umh, it's last minute but I may be able to do something.

    (her) Yeah, it just going to be her friends and family, so you don't need to bring all your equipment.

    (me), oh, ok.

    (her) and I'm a bit tapped out because I had to rent the clubhouse for extra hours, and all the food, and decorations I had to put up.

    (me) well, how much is in your budget?

    (her) oh, i was wondering could you DJ as a "gift" to her prom and later graduation?

    (me), I see, well, I can bring a speaker and some prerecorded playlist.

    (her) do you still have your mics, and those colorful light that shine on the walls, I was wanting to give some shout outs, and say a few things about her, and light the room in the schools color.

    (me) you are asking an awful lot for free LOL!.

    (her) I know, but I'm really out of money, it's costing me a lot to do all this.

    (me) LOL, LOL, LOL---ok, I will see what I can do.

    I did it, but, to your point, people think they can put you on the spot and use FAMILY guilt to get a FREE gig!!!!!

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    ^^^ Wouldn't do. Full system for 4 hours means 6 hours minimum with only a week's notice, family could have at least the decency to offer expenses. Bring a speaker and mic. And a lava lamp. If any of the kids damages any of your gear, it comes out of your pocket if she's "really out of money".

    It's called living within your means, you don't ask your mechanic friend to fix your car every time something breaks.

    Tip, turn it down and say you have a paying gig, That's what I would have replied straight off the bat. Send her a text too, how rude....

    I'm a bit tapped out because I had to rent the clubhouse for extra hours, and all the food, and decorations I had to put up

    Should have done the party at home, and paid the DJ instead.
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