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Thread: Useful software for digital DJing (and music in general) - Windows & OS X

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    I use Ableton.. works on both Mac and PC and you can create perfect mixes without the use of any hardware and its very easy to use. I do recommend you use Ableton only after you've mastered mixing using hardware such as cd players, mixer, vinyl, etc. You can also map Ableton to most Midi controllers out there in the market although its not as good as tracktor when it comes to mapping... if anyone wants any advice on how to use Ableton feel free to contact me

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    OSX file conversion


    Supports FLAC, AIFF, MP3 (via lame), AAC/ALAC and others, and even brings most tags and cover art across.

    OSX Utilities


    It's a pay piece of software, but it makes transporting back and forth between traktor and rekordbox very easy.
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    For conversion I like to use Coverterlite its free and will convert almost any file...even video files to audio.

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    OS X / Windows
    Library Management for Serato Live
    ScratchTools (Free) is the ultimate database/crate-management tool for Serato ScratchLIVE. It will work on all supported ScratchLIVE platforms, which are Windows XP, Windows Vista and last not least Mac OSX. This requires some knowledge of using terminal or command prompt in windows if your not familiar they have some great tutorials in their forum.

    Serato-Itch-Sync (Free)
    same concept as scratchtools but was made for serato Itch but can work with serato as well.

    Alchimie Zinc ($29.99)
    Works like the previous two but comes with the added benefit of having a GUI and now works with serato DJ intro and Native traktor

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    great post, thanks! |

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    I Love QC and Serato

    Have you tried adding I Love QCs LiveFX to you set? I Love QC and Serato strive in giving DJs, VJs, Editors and audiences a completely unique and exciting way of experiencing music and visuals.

    I Love QC is the only platform in the world where users can download interactive files, which are automatically manipulated by a range of live inputs. Our LiveFX stick to the time and beat, so you can interact uniquely with your crowd and audience, at a whole new level. You, the user, control the LiveFX visuals, which respond differently to every track, so what you see is what you hear. LiveFX will never slow down your laptop, and gives unique crisp visuals, even across multiple HD screens.
    I Love QCs LiveFX are used by artists such as David Guetta, Pete Tong, Boys Noize, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Sander Van Doorn, Axwell, and more. Furthermore, we also work with brands such as MTV Arabia, Channel 4, BBCNI, Edirol Roland, Pacha, Amnesia, Beatport and DJ Download.

    I Love QC is for creatives seeking to push the boundaries of live performance and video editing. Quartz Composer is a unique technology that plugs straight into industry standard packages to provide truly unique interactive functionality and dramatically reduce the time involved in traditional workflows.

    Take advantage of our limited time only sale, and get your Filmic LiveFX Pack now for only 9.99!

    Blow your audience away with the hypnotic Filmic elements, which collide on the beat to create powerful visuals that make you stand out. Buy your pack today, at

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    Recording/editing/Conversion/Misc software: -

    OSX : PC & MAC


    Have been using this software since back in the early 2000's.
    Super powerful software which can record, play, edit track (cut,mix,silence,pitch,fade, leveling, add effects, etc) as well as insert cue [apart from man other functions] ;and on top of all that, it also acts as a file converter.
    Free for life

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    Going to archive this post in case it gets lost somehow:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATrain View Post
    Going to archive this post in case it gets lost somehow:
    Good idea, we don't want Sigma pulling a Sigma again if he ever comes back.

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    I downloaded the so called FREE VirtualDJ 8 just now.

    Are these programs free Really??

    I mean free where we can gig without any "legal" threats etc etc. (not that I use software to do so)

    Do we honestly get what we pay for? I can imagine these are stripped of those important features or something, right?

    I mean, can I DJ straight out with this program at least just WITHIN the computer?

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