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Thread: Budget Equipment Appreciation Thread.

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    I have decided to see just how far I can push Behringer's equipment. I have a Eurodesk SL32FX Pro mixing console that was bought new about 10 years ago. Of course this was for a live set up, but that board has outlasted several high end boards.

    At the moment I am running that same board, an iNuke NU3000 amp, a pair of VS1520 mains, and an active VQ1500D.

    I brought this stuff out to my last live show and DJ event and I was not disappointed. I had to prove to one of my friends that I was abusing Behringer gear. He thought I had my usual Yorkville / JBL setup. It was all Behringer, and was rather impressive. My JBL sub is in the shop due to a blown amp.

    I am going to see how long I can pull off my "budget" system.

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    PCDJ DEX 3 LE is free to use DJ software, which helps under budget constraints. It also integrates with Pulselocker, giving you access to over 44 million tracks.
    The LE means light edition, and is stripped down version of the fully-functional DEX 3 application. It's definitely worth a try.

    You can find it here:

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    The Pioneer DDJ-RB is a great controller. $250 gets you the controller and a license to Rekordbox DJ along with a sample pack for scratching. Great value. I really wanted the DDJ-RR but I can't drop $700 that easily. Rekordbox is a great piece of software in my opinion. I know it has somewhat of a bad rep for being buggy, but I haven't experienced anything bad with it at all. That being said, I know there are issues with the mac version... good thing I'm a windows guy!

    So DDJ-RB if you're looking for a good value in a controller/software package.

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    I toured the world DJing with Hercules mixers; first the mk2, then RMX then RMX2. I found the gear didn't matter as much as the software you used. I used VirtualDJ software.

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    I love this, ok so my first Audio Interface is Behringer U-Phoria UMC22, I got it for £35 on Amazon.

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    I LOVE this thread. It warms my heart knowing that ALL DJ’s are not hung up on ONLY buying expensive, top-of-the-line, brand-name gear. While most of my mobile gear is NOT what anyone would call “budget” gear, I’ve had several components that were inexpensive, but worked GREAT. Sometimes, if you do your research, you’re gonna find good products you can buy on a budget.😊 Many thanks to those who have opened themselves up for criticism by posting in this thread!😊

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    It's all about knowing what the real values are vs stuff that is just cheap because it's not well made.

    For example USB sound interfaces.. sure, Behringer has some super cheap ones.. and yea they work. OR, there is this Peavey USB-P model, it's very minimal controls, playback only.. what most DJ's need.. BUT has transformer isolated XLR outputs.. which is so much better for DJ applications.. protects you from computer ground noise, solves all kinds of problems... Normally you'd pay a minimum of $65 for an XLR ground isolating box by itself (eg ART DTI) then you have to pay for an interface. Here you get an interface WITH transformer isolated XLR outputs, for $48!

    Or, if you are looking for a mixer.. here's a Behringer DJX750.. 4 channels plus effects for only $200! Bargain, right? I happen to know from experience that Behringer DJ mixers suck, they break, they are just CHEAP JUNK.

    Or you could get this B-Stock xone:23.. which is a little less flashy seeming.. but NOT cheap junk, for $260...

    Keep in mind that a REAL Pioneer DJ mixer is not that expensive anymore used. You can get used DJM-700 and 800's (the mixer the Behringer copycats) for around $500 or so these days. So, you say, you can't afford that.. understandable. But don't blow 40% of that price on cheap junk that you will end up throwing away.

    Quality over quantity. Good gear will sound good and last a while and hold its value decently.. and it doesn't have to cost a lot.. but the less money you have, the more selective you have to be.

    Sometimes that means spending a tiny bit more, to be a lot lot better off in the end.
    And sometimes it means spending a lot LESS.

    Like, if you are looking at that $200 Behringer mixer, and also looking at some monitor speakers (let's say this is a home setup). You have $500 to spend. So, what do you do, spend $200 on a (junk) mixer and $300 on (ok) monitors? NO! Spend $400+ on nicer monitors and $100- on the mixer (maybe a Numark M1 or M3) and yea, the mixer will be pretty limited.. but it will work fine! And now you have some nice monitors! Congrats, you are gonna be standing in front of those monitors for a lot of hours.. so you're really going to appreciate that better sound you paid for. And the mixer.. well, when it's time to upgrade, that'll be just fine because you only spent $100.. maybe you can resell it for $40.. totally worth it. But those monitors, you will have those for a while.

    You have got to know when it's time to cheap out and when it's not! Spend your money wisely.. try to invest in at least some good pieces, watch out for genuine deals like b-stock and discontinued or trustworthy used gear... If you have to buy some budget gear, get the least of it you can.. think of every dollar you spend on that as lost money. Try to get a couple of good pieces as you go along and spend the least possible on the throwaway pieces.

    That is the best advice I have for beginners in this very expensive DJ thing...
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    Since Guitar Center has become so widespread in the USA. (I live in a small town in Nebraska & there is still one just an hour away from my house.) I've become a fan of buying used.

    The reason I prefer using a big box retailer over Amazon or eBay. Is because I can open it up in the store to see if there is any physical damage. And when I take it home & test it, if there is a problem I can take it back to the store.
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    Here's a legit good deal, Roland 2 channel mixer for $99, down from $249...

    The innofader in this thing is worth the price alone.
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