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Thread: Free VSTs/Instruments

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    This thread is over a year old... good stuff though!

    Just repped you!

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    You guys should check out There's loads of free VSTs on there, some aren't amazing quality but there are some nice little decent ones in there if you look
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    updated main post with the latest from here

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    Definitely try these two synthesizers. They can come in handy for pure or dirty leads and you can modulate sounds in many ways:

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    Free VSTs/Instruments

    What do you think are the best free synthesizer VSTs for 80s - 90s acid house and happy hardcore/Gabber styled music?

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    Found this gem out yesterday. I use Massive as my primary (and pretty much only) synth, and one of my favorite effects is the Dimension Expander. XFer Records (the people who make Serum) apparently had a freeware page, that is not on the main site and low and behold they have an external dimension expander plugin you can use on anything! I have yet to use it as of this posting and I just found it yesterday, but I'm so excited to give it a whirl. There's a few other little goodies on there too. The DJM filter sounds very useful. I read it's basically an auto filter like the one on the DJM 900 mixer so you can easily sweep between LPF and HPF with one knob.
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    anyone knows a good analyzers ? freebies pls

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