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Thread: Free VSTs/Instruments

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    for reason users;,

    More so patches, but still very helpful
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    Damn, this site has quite a bit of free plugins -

    Seems to be PC only though...


    Based on the most popular analog monosynth of all time!
    This amazing softsynth sounds very close to the original Minimoog, yet has tons of additional features not present on the original Mini (as well as the Minimoog Voyager!)

    5-note polyphony
    Arpeggiator and 16-note Step Sequencer,
    Release knobs for the two Contour Generators (envelopes)
    Tuning of Osc 1, Fine Tuning sliders for Osc2 and Osc3
    Aftertouch control, adjustable filter Velocity curve
    3 independent Overdrive sliders (one per oscillator)
    Global Overdrive with hi and lowpass cutoff, Oscillator Sync
    Chorus, an independent LFO that includes oscillator drift and stereo panning
    Fully programmable Digital Delay

    PhazOsc - Phase Distortion Synth is an audio / MIDI triggered phase distorted synth.

    Phase distortion synth offering velocity control on both the amp and timbre.
    Delay and chorus.
    Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs:
    Gate: which sets the gates strength
    Decay: which sets the gates time re-trigger.
    64 presets.
    Also has effects:

    And sample packs and loops:

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    awesome will check it out!
    Quote Originally Posted by EarnYourKeep
    name one dj that can replicate richie's drums in a minimal techno way, this coming from a plastikman background...then again i figure trance heads would respond this way they always seek the BUILD UP AND DROP THE BASS BRO

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    Link: dfx MONOmaker VST

    "Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility. You can use it to progressively mix down a stereo signal to mono and you can use it for equal power, center-shifting pans."

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    added them, and the rest of the smartelectronix page, thanks

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    Arturia is giving away their minimoog (scaled back a bit without routing methinks) in 6 days!

    Def make sure you grab this is you like the moog sound, it's a Bob Moog approved replication

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    are these VSTs compatible with mac pro?

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    not all of them, its always hit or miss when it comes to mac and free vsts since alot less people program for it. Just gotta go through em and see whats out there, usually its easier to hit up one of the bigger sites listed since then you can usually sort by operating system

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    Yeah, In KVR you can search for operating sytem.

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    Figured I would post this here since people will constantly update it once it hits side bar on Reddit. I can't vouch for any of them but figured people here might like em.
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