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Thread: Can't hear mix through headphones

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    Quote Originally Posted by light-o-matic View Post
    Well.. that's an ON ear headphone (supra-aural) vs around-ear (circum-aural) so it really has got to have good contact with your ears. I have Sennheiser HD25's which are similar (the AIAIAI is kind of a copy of the Sennheiser) and when I am in a really loud situation I will press on the earcup when I'm mixing, it helps. If your earpads are wearing out get fresh ones. The other factor here is headphone impedance, mine are 70 ohms which is pretty high and some mixers and controller can't drive them super well, yours are 32 ohms which is more typical but still may not do perfectly well with some controllers esp if they are running off USB power. Some mixers/controllers just have better headphone amps and sound better in your headphones.

    Different headphones also have different sensitivity, and will go louder on the same mixer as another headphone.

    Bottom line is that some headphones have better isolation than other, some go louder than others. People complain about the HD25's not having the best isolation but I love em and won't change. It all depends what you like, everything has its upside and downside.. but when you are in a super loud situation like that you are always going to do better with big over-ear headphone with huge cushions.... One trick I use beatmatching is to EQ the new track (before I start mixing it) to have lots of mids, no highs and just a little bass.. so basically I hear the kick pop really hard in the headphones, and then I'll play the master in the headphones too and it's really easy to hear when they are matched. Once I have them matched perfectly I'll flip over to just master in the headphones then mix... I don't use the monitor, so I don't have to worry when I play whether they will have a monitor or whether I will like the monitor, because I don't need it.
    loads of great information here; Big Ups light-o-matic

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlNapp View Post
    The earpads are fine and I used a Pioneer Mixer, so volume shouldn't have been the problem.
    Do you think over-ear pads for the AIAIAI would isolate better?

    You are talking about the HD25 not having the best isolation... But I always thought their good isolation is the point why everyone is buying them? Already considered giving them a try
    I don't think you can change them from on ear to over ear, they're on ear headphones that's how they are made...

    And yea the HD25 is considered a very good DJ headphone and I think the isolation on mine are fine, I am sure there are tons of headphones that are worse isolation. But I think that some other headphones with really big over ear design isolate better. Isolation isn't the only reason people choose headphones, I didn't choose the HD25 because they had the best isolation, but for a combination of sound, lightness, how they fit my head, the type of cord they have, durability etc..

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    The AIAIAI is a modular headphone, so you can change every part to your likes.
    Maybe i jut give it a try.

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