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Thread: Mixcloud Accounts

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    Guy Deshaies
    «Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.»

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    DJRBLV - Drum & Bass addict and basement phantom, give 'er a go and lemme knooooow
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    lol just realized i already posted mine. but going to get back into posting more mixes on there. going to follow as many as i can.
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    If u love House Music in the same way like me, check out my channel for mixes, you will not be disappointed!
    Check out my channel for the best House Music! YouTube Mixcloud

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    "All I ever wanted to do was hear music that I like and play it to other people" - John Peel

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    I'm just now getting into mixcloud. I'll try to upload at least once per week, so if you like deep house, deep tech, minimal, and atmospheric mixes in general I'd recommend giving some of the mixes a try:
    Original music and some live vinyl/Serato mixes:

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