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Thread: What gear do you regret purchasing the most?

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    Although I still love the little buggers, I do sometimes regret getting my CDJ-500s' and not waiting for the 1000s to be released. Really wish the jog wheel did a little bit more than just nudging the track along.

    Biggest regret is that I stopped using my set when I've had a crap day, not sure my other half agrees!

    Oh, and although I never bought them, having to use a really naf Denon set up when I first started in a pub... rubber little buttons never did quite work!

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    Lots. Bought a small mackie mixer and a Roland Sh-202 synth along with an old skool Akai sampler before I realised I had no discernible musical talent. Sold the lot within a year.

    TRAKTOR skratch set up, realised soon it was a bit pointless having vinyl and a vinyl scratch set up when i dont have any scratcghing skills - sold up and just went vinyl mixing (With a bit of basic digital on the laptop)

    Oh yes and not one but two different tuntable coffins - both bespoke, what the fk was i thinking?
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    CDJ 800s. I should have ponied up for the 1000 MK1s which had way more functionality, and I wouldn't have ended up upgrading to 1000 MK3s. By that time the tide was turning towards Traktor/SSL and the lack of USB ended up being a deal breaker. Luckily I got a good deal selling them (and my DJM 600) and got an S4, F1, and new powered monitors.

    Don't get me wrong, I had some great times with CDJs, but I feel like I wasted a huge amount of money. The original 1000s would have seen me through the CD era completely, and I would have had more money to get a better laptop and more software.

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    CDJ 2000's not really necessary now that controllers are so state of the art and reliable.
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    Vestax VCM 600

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    Beamz lighting. Should have bought Chauvet first up.
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