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Thread: Montreal DJF'ers: Need your help!

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    Arrow Montreal DJF'ers: Need your help!

    I'm going to be in MTL for a few nights in a couple weeks, what are some nice shops to check out over there? I'm thinking DJ, Vinyl, Clothing, Shoes, Restaurants, etc.

    Help will be thanked! Thanks

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    I always hit up Beatnik for vinyl on St. Denis they got a wicked selection on everything. Theres tons of nearby clothing shops and restaurants too.

    Just came across this

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    DJ and Musician stores: Moog Audio, Steve's Music store,
    Vinyl: Le Pickup record shop (near Moog), Marche du Disque, L'echange, Primitive, Beatnik, Cheap Thrills
    Restaurants: Joe Beef, Au Pied D'Cochon , Le Brenmer (these first 3 will def need reservations), Chu Chi (if you're into vegetarian stuff), Schwartz's, La Banquise,

    Spend some time walking up St-Laurent to Mount Royal, then across Mount-Royal (the street, not the mountain)to St-Denis, then back down St-Denis, theres a million things to do/look at.

    Checkout Anthony Bourdain's show "The Layover" or "No Reservations" when he comes to Montreal for a good idea where to start, except if you do go for bagels, go to Fairmount
    Feel free to hit me up on the PM
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    I seem to have just seen this thread! Glad to see there are a good number of Montrealers around though

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