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Thread: Post pics of your gigs

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    Melbourne Australia

    Boogs - Melbourne gig pics

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    Seoul, South Korea
    Pic my friend took last night at my party Selectors in South Korea. Mixer is Vestax PMC-46 MKII MJ Custom with accompanying isolater.

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    Played my first gig yesterday, a deep dubstep warmup set for about 45mins. Played on Xone DB4 and CDJ-2000's.

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    Hello everyone I am DJ Pharaohz and I create House music. Me and my team are heading out to Ibiza on the 10th June to promote 4 new tracks created. You can catch live footage of us via my Instagram or Snapchat. Hope you will join us, thanks alot!
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    Played an 1hr warmup set last night, and a b2b with my friend in the last 1hr, was loads of fun, and so nice to test my own tunes out on the system and how people react to them.

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