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Thread: Bagged some new mp3s or vinyl? Post here.

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    Been on somewhat of an mp3 spree (by my standards these days) lately... just can't afford to get what I want on vinyl anymore.

    In the past week I have bought.......

    Disaszt - Shadow & Lightning LP (regret buying full album... 16 tracks, maybe 4 or 5 are worth playing in a mix)
    Jade - Lazertag EP
    Receptor - Princess
    Fred V, Grafix - One Of These Days
    Shogun Audio - Way of the Warrior LP
    Wilkinson - Tonight
    Moving Fusion - Attention / Mystery Stranger / Tear Your Soul
    Maztek - Up&Down
    Dose - Q&A
    State of Mind - Nil By Ear LP
    Jade - Audio Hypnosis
    Neonlight - Frozen Tape
    Zero Method - Marco Polo
    London Elektricity - U Gotta B Crazy (Enei remix)
    Gridlok - Tusken Raider / Enemy of the State
    Hamilton - Deep In My Heart
    SpectraSoul - Light In The Dark / Shackles
    Fred V, Grafix - Just A Thought (Instrumental)
    Mooqee, Pimpsoul - I Feel Good (Tantrum Desire remix)
    Black Sun Empire, Bulletproof, State of Mind - Roulette (Gridlok remix)
    Concord Dawn, State of Mind - Two Perfect Moments
    Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires LP
    State of Mind - Quasars
    Maztek, Grotesque - Straight To Bad
    Fourward - Space Car Wash
    Optiv, BTK - Mind Over Matter
    Optiv, BTK - Zero Hour
    Andrew Bayer, Matt Lange - In And Out Of Phase (Calyx & Teebee remix)
    Break - Here We Go / Soundwaves
    Klute, Silent Witness - Friendless
    Aeph - Highway Thirteen / Hoedown
    Jubei - Say Nothin / Accidental Note
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    ^^^^^ Lot of good tunes on that list.

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    Here's the last lot I purchased(ALL VINYL)

    Calyx - Downpour/Ripe
    DJ Rap - Propa Classics Vol. 1
    DJ Rap - Propa Classics Vol. 2
    DJ Rap - Waveform/Nirvana
    Random Sounds - Pulverize/Pete - Dark City
    Iron Mic - Champion Killa(w/lbl matrix MJE001) Drum n bass Vox/Instrumental b/w UK Garage Vox/Instrumental
    The Phantom - The Shark/J.B.N
    DJ Fatal - Wake Up/Torn
    Raserblade - Furnace/Trashcan
    Raserblade - The System/Junk
    Ego Trippin - Welcome/Charge
    Ego Trippin - Vortex Plains/3rd Angle
    Randall & Flex - Water Tech EP
    Rascal & Klone - The Reprise/Galactic Jam
    Mampi Swift - Finish Line/Horashoot
    Mampi Swift - Power/Roxy
    Rareform - Emotions in Force
    Rareform - Depthcharge
    Rareform - Don't think, Don't Feel/You're Gonna Pay(Ltd edition Promo)
    Rareform & Resin vs. Opus - Fear Grips
    Majistrate - Fury/If(part 2) (Promo)
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    Bit late, but my last baggings:

    In Deep - From The Depths / Electro Solution
    Simon V & Telmo A. / Simon V - Treasure Island / Looking Back 2001
    Dice vs. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (D&B Remix)
    Crix / Operon - I Don't Want To Lose You / Airports (Nookie Remixes)
    Survival & System - Alpine / Caught On Me
    Syncopix - Carpark / Veteran ICR + Soulproof / Autumn - It Could Have Been Me / Refuge
    Gen - Rising / Fry
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    Picked up a few gems recently.

    Enei- Machines
    The whole LP is sick!!!

    Audio- Soulmagnet
    I strongly believe that Audio is carrying the torch for the Techy/Neuro sound now. Brilliant LP

    VA Remixes Vol 2

    That Optiv rmx of Drop it is bangin!!

    Universal Grooves LP

    Definitely one of my fav LPs of the year. Can't get enough of Theory's Final Confrontation, Mortem's Praxis and Civil War by Loxy n Resound. Proud that this is a label based out of DC!!

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    I hope my order is delivered when i get home!
    Check out my techno mix, vinyl only!

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    Finally got my order today. 15 days shipping, from UK to Colorado. Not horrible, I guess.

    Fanu - Homefree Album
    Xtrah - Soundclash/Discordance
    Mr Explicit - Cyberdread EP
    Trace - Sonar (Ed Rush/Optical VIP)/Final Chapter (Tim Reaper Remix)
    Stranjah/Overlook - Prominence/Existence
    Gremlinz/Aspect/Friske/2D33P - Shank/Secrets of the Universe
    Marcus Intalex - Cabal/Mud
    Loxy/Resound/Theory/DBR UK/Mindmapper - Civil War/Final Confrontation/Stress Levels/Orbital Orchestra (ASC Remix)
    Break/Fields/Mako/Villem/Getz - Dilligence/My Soul
    Actual Proof - Maybe We'll Stay Remixes (Fanu rmx ftw!)
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    Had to buy the new Dub Phizix tracks digitally yesterday, can't wait for the vinyl to get here, Im A Creator is a fun one to mix

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    xpost from the General forum, I guess. But wanted to rep DnB in the right place too

    I just received the entire Pinecone Moonshine back catalog.

    And, currently en route are:

    Fracture & Neptune / Fracture (2) - Apollo / Sound Spectrum 96
    ASC feat. Intex Systems / Sileni - Drum Track 2 (The Venom ...) / Twitchy Droid Leg
    Breakage - Numbers EP (2x12", EP)
    Naibu Ft. Yunmee / Ash (26) & Kiat - Chaos Through The Window / Closer
    Naphta - Soundclash Mixes
    Paradox - Hologram / Breakdown
    Fanu / FanuSamurai - I Play It Cooler / Heavenless / Skyscraper Dreams

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    I also just received the Dr. Bastardo's Bastardisation version of Papua New Guinea.


    BTW, it turns out, if anyone digs PineconeMoonshine -- I received copy 13/25 of 001 of the promo presses. My buddy here in Co. got one of the 'normal' pressings, of which there are 100. I believe there are very few of these left.

    And speaking of rare records, anyone got any Scientific Wax they're willing to sell/trade? I've got a friend looking for SciLtd003. Worth some decent cash, if I understand correctly.
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