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Thread: The Next Soundcloud

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    i like the like feature,because with the favorite thing i got very few,as many others i guess.
    the repost seems cool too hopefully people wont spam it.
    recent activity is good too.

    will get me sometime to get used to it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thehadgi View Post
    I got an invite for beta but apparently waited too long (a day) and now I'm locked out again
    The invites are pissing me off.

    I was sitting at my PC a couple of days ago where new mail is checked for every 5 minutes. An invite arrived, I clicked it and it asked me to authorise my account for use with the new SoundCloud, so I did, but then it said "sorry, the beta is full".

    Also, when I logged into the site yesterday I was browsing around and a message popped up at the top of the screen saying I could get into the beta - same bullshit happened - as soon as I confirmed my account it said that the beta was full. This then happened again a few hours later.

    BTW, SoundCloud, do you want to come to a house party next week? You do? Great... in that case......... you can FUCK OFF! There's no spaces left.

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    They're taking the piss now: -

    And then...

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    haha exactly!

    they're giving my blue balls worse than my first girlfriend

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    had the beta it looks nice, but they took off my favorite feature. i really love having the comments and favorites of the people i followed show up on my dashboard. helped me find a ton of new music. it works really well cause if i follow somebody, it means i like their taste, so i get the heads up on when they release a new track and whenever they favorite a track or write comments i can give it a quick listen. if it is good i'd go to their page check out their tunes and what they favorited or maybe some of the people they follow. damn it i am going to have to change my whole method for scouring. i am sure joining groups sucks cause seems like i would have to sift through a bunch a crap on my incoming tracksi hope they leave the classic available. the stream feature seems pretty useless it just does the same thing as incoming tracks in the original and it would do continuous play as well.

    the email i got in response to my inquiry about the dashboard status in next soundcloud:

    Hi There,

    Thanks for getting in touch. This functionality is not currently part of Next SoundCloud, as we found this activity wasn't used by many users.
    Instead, now you can repost sounds that you really like to your stream, so that your followers can discover them.
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    Huh you'd think they'd incorporate both into the new site

    One thing I'm kind mad about is the spotlight tab... I like having certain things on my public profile but now it just lists my tracks in chronological order. That's part of why I liked have a premium account

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    So I'm still clicking 'no thanks' everytime soundcloud asks me if i want to switch over/back to the beta, because last time I really didn't like it.

    Any word on when the full rollout will happen? As long as it lets me keep my spotlight tab and statistics, I'll be fine. If not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interracial Tea View Post
    I just want them to get rid of the comments bullshit. When has that ever been useful?

    I like the new Beatport. I miss the Top 100 that each genre had. That was really cool to find classics and shit. \_(ツ)_/
    Each genre still has a top 100.

    Anyways, if the front page has any indication of what the changes are gonna be, soundcloud is gonna be really slick.
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    wow this guy has mad talent OP you are doing a great job of promoting him, do you get paid in dick or what

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    I don't like the new SoundCloud either. Don't dumb that shit down! Leave it as it is. I also went back to using the existing version and I click "no" every time the invite pops up.

    And why would anyone want them to get rid of the comments unless all they're getting is comments saying "you fucking suck!"??

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    Let's face it - NEXT soundcloud sucks. This is what I wrote on Soundclouds blog back when I tried the Beta several months ago:

    OK, there are plenty of problems with these changes and I feel it is important to address these as I've previously witnessed a once SUPERB danish music website ( change everything that was great about it and essentially dying out as a direct result. I would hate for the same to happen to soundcloud.

    1) Soundcloud is primarily used by ARTISTS. Artists want control over their page. Artists typically want people visiting their site for the first time to see their finest works - not the old demo they put up last night. Likewise, the visitors want to be exposed to said artists best work - not the old demo. The whole timeline concept stinks. It belongs in the world of social media, not in the world of presentation of music. Next Soundcloud needs to give the artists the opportunity to fully control what the visitors see on the first page. That's why it is a travesty that Spotlight isn't a part of NEXT (at least not yet). Also, when you hopefully DO reinstate Spotlight drop the limit of 5 items. Let the artist decide how many items to display, or at least make the limit larger (say 10 items).

    2) Pages beats endless scrolling every time. Pages also has the advantage that they let the visitor know how many there are in total.

    3) Groups are a must. Its one of the best features of Soundcloud. For a new artist it is one of the only ways to get heard (by someone you can't spam on Facebook).

    4) For both the current Soundcloud and NEXT, please make the Dashboard more costumizable. For instance maybe I want to follow UserA's new tunes, but not UserA's favourites (he makes quality tunes, but has poor taste), but I DO want to follow UserB's favourites, but NOT his tunes (since he has impeccable taste, but can't produce decent tunes). Costumization creates dedication. Give users more freedom and they'll spend much more time on the site.

    5) Make it possible to follow groups on the dashboard.

    6) Soundcloud generally lacks a common frontpage where new artists can gain exposure somehow. This is what the old did so well. I'm not saying that concept should be copied, but there are plenty of possibilities for doing something cool here.

    7) One-waveform sets are a no-go. Really, just forget about it. Let it go. It was fine the way it was. Sets worked like a charm. Don't hold on to an idea that may have sounded cool but JUST DOESN'T WORK. Trust me - and everybody else in this thread - on this one.

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